Setup Walkthrough


Avion uses the highly secure OAuth 2 protocol to allow us to authenticate as you with GitHub. This allows Avion to see your repos, projects and organisations.
Before you dive in, please note that the user that you choose to authenticate with GitHub must be either the owner of the repo — if you're syncing to a repo project, or an owner of the organisation — if you're syncing to an organisation project.
A repo can only have one owner, but an organisation can have multiple.
You might need to allow pop-ups if you browser blocks them, as Avion uses a pop-up window to authenticate with GitHub.

Project Type Selection

If you are unsure which project type to select, please refer to the What Types of GitHub Projects Are Supported? page.

Repo or Organisation Selection

Depending on which project type you selected, you will now need to select either a repo or an organisation that contains the project you are looking to sync to.

Project Selection

Now you've narrowed down the scope, you can select the particular project you would like Avion to import issues and cards from, push stories to and sync up with.

State Mapping

Avion ties up story states to project columns. At this point you need to decide how you would like to map these. Don't worry, this can be changed later.
Just to help you visualise this, here are the two states in either tool; bear in mind that ZenHub has a similar, but very slightly different layout to GitHub Projects.

Sync Sizes to GitHub Labels

Avion can sync your story point sizes with your GitHub issues using labels.
Here is an example of this functionality in action. You can change the size in either tool and it will stay up-to-date.

Import Existing Issues

Finally, you can import issues from GitHub. Please note the following:
    Closed issues will not be imported
    Only issues that are on the project board that are not in a triage state will be imported
    Closed milestones will not be imported (specific to repo projects)
You can re-import again later, so any issues that may get added in GitHub can always be pulled back into Avion.
Last modified 6mo ago