Free trials

Information about our free trials.

Does Avion offer a free trial?

Yes, Avion offers a free trial.

Can I test out all the features on a free trial?

Yes. When you first sign up to Avion, you will receive a free trial that includes every single feature we offer, including all integrations, story mapping features and SSO. As with all of our plans, this includes unlimited users. in terms of projects and story maps, free trials match the usage limits of our Business plan.

What happens after my free trial?

After your free trial ends, you will need to select a plan to continue using Avion. Your plan will need to match your level of usage from your trial, so bear that in mind during your trial period. If you want to ensure no disruption to your service, please select a plan before the free trial ends. You will not be charged until the trial ends.

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