Workflow issues

If you're struggling to synchronise Avion story states across to Jira's statuses, you might be running into a workflow issue.

In Avion, we allow a flexible workflow that does not involve any rules. In short, we allow you to transition any Avion story to any state, from any state.

For example, you could transition a story from Not Ready straight to Done, or even the reverse.

Jira, on the other hand, allows you to configure strict workflow rules. You can see this by heading to Project SettingsWorkflowPencil Icon (company-managed projects only). The editor looks like this:

The issue

If you configure a Jira workflow that blocks certain transitions, Avion will not be able to make these transitions via the API. The screenshot above actually shows a good workflow set up for Avion, as any story can be transitioned to any status, from any status.

The resolution

Update your Jira workflow to allow transitions between the states that are mapped to in Avion.

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