FAQs and troubleshooting

Answers to common questions and possible fixes for common troubleshooting queries, specific to our Jira Cloud integration.

Can I use non-standard required fields?

You may see unexpected behaviour if you add required fields to your issue types being used by Avion. Please stick to the defaults for required fields. More info →.

Do I need admin rights in Jira?

As mentioned in the setup guide, Avion requires the authentication of a user with Jira Administrator and Project Administrator permissions. These must remain throughout the duration of the integration. For this reason, you might choose to create a specific integration user that can be controlled by a trusted member of your business. This mitigates against the situation where you have to delete a user that Avion is authenticated with if a person leaves your business. More info →.

I can't see a mapped custom field in Jira

A common problem we hear is that a field is not visible on an issue.

For example – a custom field value mapped to the backbone, story sizes or even epic links. Jira can be a little tough to manage, but ultimately, you will need to seek out your issue type's "screen" configuration and add the field. More info →.

Epic name vs epic summary

In company-managed projects, Jira uses both the Epic Name field and the Summary fields for epics. It's worth understanding Avion's behaviour here, especially if you want fine-grained control over these two fields.

If you rename an element that is mapped to an epic in Avion (journey, step or release), both the Epic Name and Summary fields will update. If you update the Epic Name in Jira, this change will occur only in Jira and Avion will still reflect the Summary field.

This can be useful as the Epic Name field displays as a small tag on issues. You might want a shortened version of the epic's Summary that Avion does not need to know about. If you ever want both fields back in sync, just update Avion-side 🤙

Workflows in Jira

If you use complex workflow options in Jira, such as restricting an issue's next status depending on the issue's current status, you will need to abide by these rules when changing story states in Avion. If you don't, you may miss changes or ultimately end up out of sync. More info →.

Issue type deleted

If an issue type has been selected to push to from Avion and is subsequently deleted in Jira, you will receive an error during pushing. To fix this, head to the configuration panel and refresh your issue types.

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