Features specific to our Azure DevOps integration.

Our backlog tools section gives a great overview of the shared features across all our integrations. This page focuses on the specific features of our Trello integration.

Avion offers a flexible and extensive two-way sync integration with Trello. This supports configurable options to allow you to tailor the experience to your needs and help you find the right balance within your team.

  • Two-way sync of data from Avion to Trello and back

  • Story state mappingadvanced mapping of story states to Trello columns

  • Sync releases — track your releases via Trello labels

  • Sync backbone and size data — optional custom field mappings for Avion meta data

  • Supports tags — optionally sync your Avion tags

Available mappings

You have a variety of choices of what to sync. Currently we support syncing the following items:


Story title

Title field

Story description

Description field

Story size

Custom field¹

Story state

Board column

Journeys and steps

Custom field¹







¹ Optional.

² Syncing attachments is optional. Attachments are one-way synced, with Avion as the source.

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