Azure AD

Read about Avion's SSO integration with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).

Step 1: Choose your SSO provider

In Avion, go to your organization's Single Sign-On section. Select Azure AD from the list of available providers:

Step 2: Configure SSO

In Azure AD, register a new application:

  1. Set your application name to Avion

  2. Copy across your specific Redirect URL from the Avion configuration form into the Application form in the Azure portal

  3. Finally, hit the Register button to create the application

On the following screen, in Azure AD, copy and paste both the Client ID and Tenant ID into the Avion configuration form:

Next, in Azure AD, create a new Client Secret:

Then copy and paste your secret from Azure AD into the Client Secret field in Avion:

Finally, in Avion, hit Save Configuration and you're done! 🎉

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