Confluence Server

As Confluence Server does not come bundled with an iFrame or HTML macro by default, we need to first create one. You may need to get an administrator to set this up due to the required permissions.

  1. Navigate to General configuration and click User Macros from the left menu

2. Click Create a User Macro

3. Enter the following settings:

Macro Name: iframe

Visibility: Visible to all users in the Macro Browser

Macro Title: iFrame

Categories: Development

Definition of User Macro: Rendered


## @param url:title=URL|type=string|required=true
## @param width:title=Width|type=string|required=true|default=100%|desc=Should be a unit-less number or a percentage
## @param height:title=Height|type=string|required=true|default=980|desc=Should be a unit-less number

<iframe src="$paramurl" width="$paramwidth" height="$paramheight" frameborder="0"></iframe>

4. Save this macro and you will now be able to insert an iFrame macro onto any page:

5. In URL enter your Avion public share link — make sure it starts with https://

6. Publish the page!

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