Deleting data

What happens when you delete data in Avion when integrated and vice-versa.

Deleting from Avion

By default, Avion will not delete any associated objects in your integration when you delete from Avion. This setting can be managed from your organizaation-level integration settings.

With this setting switched on, you will be asked what to do when you delete something from Avion.


Be aware that deleting in Avion can be quite destructive if you're not aware of the behaviour. For example, If you delete a journey with 5 steps and 25 stories under it, Avion will purge all those child steps and stories and this will also happen in your integration (assuming you answer the above dialog as such). There is no recycling bin in Avion at present.

Deleting in the integration

When an item is deleted from any of our integrations, the most common behaviour we use is to put a notification on the story map and unlink the item — so the item will still exist in Avion. From this point, you can safely delete in Avion if you don't want the item anymore and nothing will be affected in your integration.

If in doubt, please run a small test first and feel free to reach out to our team if you have specific questions at

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