Scoping and prioritizing your product


Whether you are trying to discover your product with the team or you’re trying to translate designs into deliverables, it can be quite difficult to initially figure out what you are going to build and how you are going to build it.

Once you’ve defined your backbone, you can start to explore the entire scope of your product. This is an exercise that can be done collaboratively. Either share screen and drive the session or invite the team into your story map as collaborators. Don’t worry, you’ll see everyone’s ideas in real-time in Avion.

Fill the Unplanned area with high-level user story titles. There is no need for too much detail at this stage. Attempt to cover the entire breadth of your potential product scope. There is no commitment to build everything you track here, so use this as a place and time to track stakeholders’ ideas and even blue-sky thinking.

Once you’ve tracked everything you can think of, you can start to re-order the stories from the most important to the least important. This only needs to be a rough ordering, but it will really help us with the next exercise — creating releases. At this point, conversations should start to be opening up, with different opinions, but consensus forming around the importance of certain features. It’s all about using Avion as a means for successful conversation.

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