Migrating to projects

What is the projects migration?

We have added a new projects experience to Avion that means story maps are no longer rooted to your organization. Instead, they are rooted to a project.

Why are we making this change?

  • You will now be able to give read and write access to a project. Previously, every collaborator had write access to a story map.
  • You can now manage a single project team that has access to multiple story maps. Previously, you had to add everyone as a collaborator to new maps, every single time.
  • Story maps are now more logically grouped — depending on your personal definition of a project.
  • In the future, this will enable us to deliver some awesome features:
    • Share data across story maps (releases, personas, tags, backbones)
    • Enable project-level roadmapping across many story maps
    • Add more modules for better backlog management at the project-level

What do I need to do?

You will need to migrate any existing story maps into a project. We have provided a migration tool that makes this quick and easy. To migrate one or more story maps just do the following.
1) Head to all story maps
Click Migrate story maps
Select one ore more story maps and the desired project

What happens when story maps are migrated

  • The collaborators from each map will be merged down into the project team and given an editor role
  • The story map will be moved into the project
  • The story map will no longer be displayed on the all story maps page
Once a story map is migrated into a project, it can't be moved out or into another project easily. If you make a mistake, please reach out to us at [email protected] and we can assist.

Who can migrate story maps?

  • The original creator of the story map
  • Organization admins or above
If you need to migrate a story map but don't have the above access, please actively reach out to an organization admin to get this arranged.

How long do I have to migrate?

All story maps will need to be migrated by February 28th, 2023. After this date, any remaining story maps not moved into a project will get a whole project created specifically for them and will be placed inside.

What about story maps that aren't used any more?

If you have loose story maps that aren't being used, either create an archive project to store them or delete the story maps. Otherwise, after February 28th, each one will get a new project created for them, as outlined above.

Can I still create story maps outside a project?

No, all new story maps must live inside a project.

Can I still manage existing collaborators?

No, we have removed the management of collaborators. You will need to migrate the story map into a project and then use the project team to allow access.