JQL import issues

If you have entered a JQL query and are not seeing certain issues get imported, you might be falling into the trap of not being completely explicit.

For instance, if you have a Jira integration that is set up with Avion journeys mapping to Jira epics and your JQL query is:

key in ('MYPROJ-1', 'MYPROJ-2', 'MYPROJ-3')

And if MYPROJ-1, MYPROJ-2 and MYPROJ-3 are stories and they all have a parent epic, Avion will not import them. This is because Avion recognises that no epics are returned and therefore we wouldn't be able to import the child stories with the correct parent journey.

You could easily resolve this by including the epics in the query:

key in ('MYPROJ-1', 'MYPROJ-2', 'MYPROJ-3', 'MYPROJ-4', 'MYPROJ-5')

In the above example, MYPROJ-4 and MYPROJ-5 are epics that have MYPROJ-1, MYPROJ-2 and MYPROJ-3 as children. Therefore, all stories and their parents would be imported into Avion.

Another example

If I had this JQL query set in Avion:

created > startOfDay(-0d)

You might expect any issues created today to be imported. However if the following were true:

  • MYPROJ-2 is a story, created today

  • MYPROJ-1 is an epic, created last year

  • MYPROJ-2 is a child of MYPROJ-1

  • You have Avion steps mapped to Jira epics

  • MYPROJ-2 is not yet present in Avion

MYPROJ-2 (and MYPROJ-1) would not be imported!

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