Set up


You might choose to create a specific integration user that can be controlled by a trusted member of your business. This mitigates against the situation where you have to delete a user that Avion is authenticated with if a person leaves your business. More info.

You might need to allow pop-ups if you browser blocks them, as Avion uses a pop-up window to authenticate with Trello.

Board selection

Backbone and sizes sync selection

If you would like to keep this data in sync you will need to enable Custom Fields. Be aware that this is a now a paid feature of Trello:

Once the integration setup is complete, you can stop these fields from showing on the front of your Trello cards, or even rename the custom field, if you wish.

Please note that if you delete the custom field, that data will no longer be synced.

State mapping

Map your Avion workflow to your Trello states. Advice and info.

Import from Trello

Import your backlog from Trello. Advice and info.

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