Read about the roles available to Avion organization members.

In Avion, there are four organization roles. This page outlines what each role can do, so you can make the right choice for your organization members.


  • Can create and edit their own story maps

  • Can view or edit any story maps if they are in a project team, depending on their role in the project team


  • Everything a member can do, plus:

  • Can invite new members to the organization

  • Can view and manage story maps or add themselves to a project team

  • Can set up, configure and remove integrations on story maps

  • Can enable / disable link sharing

  • Can delete story maps


  • Everything an admin can do, plus:

  • Can remove members from the organization

  • Can promote a member to an admin

  • Can manage the organization's billing

Primary Owner

If you create an organization, you will be the Primary Owner — there is only one of these per organization.

  • Everything an owner can do, plus:

  • Can promote a member to any other role

  • Can configure all organization-wide settings, including Single Sign-On (SSO)

  • Receives Avion communication regarding your organization, trial notifications / billing emails, etc

  • Can delete the entire organization

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