Features specific to our Azure DevOps integration.
Our backlog tools section gives a great overview of the shared features across all our integrations. This page focuses on the specific features of our Azure DevOps integration.
Avion offers a flexible and extensive two-way sync integration with Azure DevOps. This supports all Azure DevOps process types and has configurable options to allow you to tailor the experience to your needs and help you find the right balance within your team.
  • Two-way sync of data from Avion to Azure DevOps and back
  • WIQL filtering — filter data imports by WIQL
  • Area path restriction — select your area path per story map
  • Iteration path support — select the default iteration path for stories
  • All process types supported — Agile, CMMI, Scrum, Basic and inherited
  • Three tiered view — map Avion journeys and steps to Azure DevOps epics and features
  • Story state mappingadvanced mapping of story states
  • Supports tags — optionally sync your Avion tags
  • Supports acceptance criteria — optionally sync your acceptance criteria or impact assessments

Available mappings

You have a variety of choices of what to sync. Currently we support syncing the following items:
Azure DevOps
User Story / PBI / Requirement / Issue

Story data

Azure DevOps
Story title
Title field
Story description
Description field
Story size
Story Points, Effort or Size field²
Story state
Workflow state
Story acceptance criteria³
Acceptance Criteria or Impact Assessment
Story release information
¹ Syncing Journeys and Steps is optional. It is not supported in the "Basic" process in Azure DevOps.
² Only supported in process types that support size fields.
³ Syncing acceptance criteria is optional. It is not supported in the "Basic" process in Azure DevOps, as the field does not exist.
⁴ Syncing tags is optional.
⁵ Syncing attachments is optional. Attachments are one-way synced, with Avion as the source.
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