Problems communicating with Azure DevOps

Avion's integration with Azure DevOps requires that the authenticated user (the user the initially set up the link between Avion and Azure DevOps) remains the following:

  • A user in the Azure DevOps organisation with an access level of Basic

  • A user in the Azure DevOps project with permissions of Project Administrators

  • To have not revoked their Authorised OAuth App in Azure DevOps

If any of the above are not true, then you may see access errors in Avion. If Avion keeps getting access errors, after a period of time, we will pause your integration. This can easily be enabled again, but will require that you re-authenticate with a user with appropriate permissions, as above.

My integration has access errors, but I didn't change anything

Firstly, it's worth checking that the permissions above are true. You can check the first two by following the instructions on the Permissions required page.

To check the Authorised OAuth Apps, you will need to be logged in as the original user that authenticated the integration. In Azure DevOps, head to Profile → Authorizations (under Security):

You should see Avion in this list. If you do not, then you may have revoked the application and we will not have the access required to keep the integration working correctly. In this case you will need to re-authenticate, as outlined below.

How to re-authenticate

If you need to re-authenticate, either because you revoked the OAuth application or because you need to change the authenticated user that holds the integration, you can do so by clicking Integrations Re-Auth:

As you might expect, the user that you re-authenticate with will need all the permissions outlined above.

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