Features specific to our Jira Cloud integration.

Our backlog tools section gives a great overview of the shared features across all our integrations. This page focuses on the specific features of our Jira Cloud integration.

Avion offers a flexible and extensive two-way sync integration with Jira Cloud. This supports company-managed and team-managed projects both with a variety of mapping options, allowing you to find the right sync balance for your team’s needs. In short, Avion's integration with Jira Cloud:

Avion's integration with Jira:

  • Supports company-managed and team-managed projects

  • Is two-way synced. Make updates in either tool to see changes reflected

  • Offers a high level of flexibility and sync options

  • Syncs story titles, descriptions, sizes, states and much more

Available mappings

AvionJira Cloud


Epic or custom field


Epic or custom field


Any issue type (not subtask)

Story size

System field or custom field²

Story state

Issue status


Epic or fix version or custom field¹





¹ Mapping to fix versions is not yet supported in team-managed projects.

² Optional.

³ Syncing attachments is optional. Attachments are one-way synced, with Avion as the source.

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