Project / board selection

Selecting what project or board your story map is integrated with.

When you first set up an integration from your story map to your backlog tool, you will need to select a single project or board to sync to. Once an integration is set up, you cannot change the project or board it's integrated with, without removing the integration and setting a new one up.

Just to be completely clear, a single Avion story map will be integrated to a single project or board. The exact terminology is dependent on the tool in question, so here are the variations:

  • Jira Cloud / Data Center: 1 story map ↔ 1 project

  • Azure DevOps: 1 story map ↔ 1 project

  • Trello: 1 story map ↔ 1 board

  • GitHub: 1 story map ↔ 1 project board (multiple repos)

  • ZenHub: 1 story map ↔ 1 workspace (multiple repos)

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