It's simple to embed your Avion story maps into Confluence pages. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it. You need to have a public Avion link generated, which you can do from the Export & Share menu in the story map.

1. Create a new page in Confluence, or edit an existing page

2. Click the + button in the toolbar, then select "View More"

3. Search for "iframe" and select it

4. Enter your Avion public share link as the URL and fill out the following fields

5. Click "Save", then select "Go full width"

6. Publish your page!

Customising the dimensions

The instructions above will create a wide version of the story map on a page which increases visibility. However, you may also want a more cropped version. Feel free to play with width and height values of the iFrame coupled with the width toggles to get the view you are looking for.

You can use to help you get a nice ratio. We recommend 5:3, but it depends on the balance of your story map.

If you're using a mouse, you can scroll horizontally inside the embedded map by holding the shift key whilst scrolling

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