Public links

Read about how you can share your story map and stories with public links.


Share links provide a way to share your story map with anyone outside of the Avion organization. This is very useful for sharing the story map with stakeholders, like your management team, customers or the wider business.

Share links are read-only, which means people that visit the link cannot make changes to the story map, such as edit stories or drag things around.

You can even embed share links in tools like Confluence and Notion.

Create a public link to a story map

From the story map, click on the Share button from the side bar. From here, you can switch on Public link sharing, which will generate a shareable link to your story map.

Here is an example of a live share link:

Please note:

  • Share links do not expire, unless you manually rotate the link using Create new link

  • Clicking the Create new link button, discards the current link

  • You can safely switch link sharing off and back on and use the same link

  • The shareable version of the map will mirror any collapsed releases present in the main story map, but this isn't the case for collapsed journeys

Password protection

You can password protect a share link using the Password protect checkbox. When a story map is password protected, users will be presented with the screen below.

Embedding story maps

You can use your share link to embed your story map in an iframe. We have guides on how to do this in Confluence, Confluence Server, Notion and Coda.

Any project editor or organization admin.

Grab a public link for a story

As long as public link sharing is enabled across the story map, you can easily grab individual links to stories.

Make sure that Public link is selected and then copy the link from the Share URL section.

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