FAQs and troubleshooting

Answers to common questions and possible fixes for common troubleshooting queries in relation to our backlog integrations.

This page answers the general queries we receive about our backlog integrations. If you have a query specific to one integration, don't forget to check out the FAQs and troubleshooting section under the integration name from the menu on the left.

If you have any questions that are not answered on this page, please don't hesitate to email us at support@avion.io.

Why aren’t my stories automatically synced?

Once the story map is integrated, Avion won't create corresponding stories in your backlog tool until you push a release, push a story or import. More information on the Avion workflow here.

Can I sync to multiple projects / boards?

A single story map can only be integrated with one backlog tool and one project / board at a time.

However, different story maps can have totally unique backlog integrations across multiple instances or even tools.

For example, within the same Avion organization, you could have:

  • Story map 1 ↔ Company A's Trello board 1

  • Story map 2 ↔ Company A's Trello board 2

  • Story map 3 ↔ Company B's Trello board 1

  • Story map 4 ↔ Company C's Jira project 1

But, how about the reverse? Can you set up multiple story maps that all sync with the same project / board? You can! Although there are some caveats to be aware of.

If you sync two different story maps (with different journeys and steps) to the same project in Jira and import, you could inadvertently end up with story map 1's journeys and steps in story map 2. This might be your desired behaviour, but the most likely use-case here is to keep this separate across story maps.

This is possible using JQL with our Jira integration or WIQL with our Azure DevOps integration.

Can I hook up multiple backlog tools to a single story map?

No. A single story map can only be integrated to a single backlog tool.

If I delete in Avion, will data be deleted in my backlog tool?

If you delete a story that is synced to a backlog tool, you will be asked if you want to delete the story in both places or just in Avion.

Please remember that if you delete a journey, step or release that contains synced stories, this will apply to all synced stories. Deleted cards are not recoverable.

If I delete in my backlog tool, will data be deleted in Avion?

No. If you delete a synced item from your backlog tool, you will see a notification in Avion about the operation. The item will remain in Avion, but will be unsynced.

I can't authenticate

A common issue is that a popup blocker is blocking the authentication window. Please ensure that your popup blocker is disabled on the avion.io domain.

Something is not syncing

Cards will only sync once they have been pushed or have been imported. You can tell if a card is in sync by the sync icon on the card front:

When a card is in sync, as shown above, changes to the card in either tool should stay up-to-date between Avion and the backlog tool.

If you are seeing errors via notifications on the story map, your authentication might have expired or your permissions may have been revoked. You can try re-authenticating, which may resolve the issue.

Attachments aren't syncing

Attachment syncing needs to be enabled from the configuration panel. Please note that attachments are the only thing that are a one-way sync. Avion will push them to your backlog tool, but attachments will not be imported, nor will we sync the deletion of attachments.

Tags aren't syncing

Tags syncing needs to be enabled from the configuration panel.

Comments / dependencies / personas aren't syncing

Unfortunately, we don't yet sync these elements! Feel free to submit a feature request.

How do alias cards sync?

They don't! Alias cards will be ignored when you push a release, but the source card of an alias will be pushed as normal if it's included in the release that you are pushing.

Can I push individual stories?

Yes, just right-click the story and select the Push action from the menu.

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