Creating an application link

An application link is a security layer telling your Jira Data Center instance that it's okay to allow Avion to ask your users to authenticate access. This is a one-time thing that will need to be performed by an administrator. Once this link has been established, individual users will be able to authenticate story maps with your Jira instance.

Step one

From the Application Links page (Applications → Application Links), do the following:

  1. Click Create Link

  2. Select Atlassian product (confusing, yep)

  3. Enter (or copy and paste from the screen in Avion)

  4. Ignore any "response not found" warning

Step two

On the next screen, do the following:

  1. Enter Avion

  2. Check box Create incoming link

  3. Click Continue

Step three

On the final stage, do the following:

  1. Enter Avion

  2. Enter Avion

  3. Paste the Public Key provided from the screen in Avion

  4. Click Continue

Step four

You're done! You can now click Finish in Avion and will be able to integrate your story maps with your Jira Data Center instance 🎉

Note: If you have an SSO provider installed and you are not signed into your SSO session in another tab, Jira may not redirect you after typing in your sign in details in the Avion popup window. If this happens, you may need to go through the authentication process a second time.

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