Backlog tools

Avion has some pretty powerful integrations with common backlog tools like Jira, Azure DevOps and GitHub Projects. Learn about how we integrate with these tools and what it means for you.


Our backlog integrations are the bedrock of many teams' planning and delivery workflows. But it's important to understand how they work before diving in.

Our backlog integrations allow you to seamlessly transition from planning to delivery. This works by syncing your stories and other data from Avion to your backlog tool and keeping it up-to-date at all times. This means you can update stories in either tool and expect them to stay in sync.


If you're using our integrations for the first time, please, please don't just plug Avion straight into your production projects in tools like Jira or Azure DevOps. Our integration is not a lightweight system like Zapier. Our backlog integrations will tightly sync your story map with your backlog tool, and this can be very powerful. However... With great power comes great responsibility. Our honest advice is — don't be that person that integrated you company's Jira into Avion and inadvertently ended up deleting a load of data via the integration. Instead, learn the ins-and-outs of our integration using sandboxed environments, document the workflow and present it back to your teams. This will give you confidence in how it works and also help with buy-in from your teams. With that said, let's get onto the good stuff 💪

The workflow

Our recommended workflow is to manage planning in Avion and delivery in your backlog tool. The general idea is to brainstorm, discuss and plan your work in Avion, with a focus on your user experience goals. Then sync the data with your backlog tool, ready for delivery, sprints and day-to-day work in progress. This image explains some of our thinking:

For more information on how to push stories from Avion to your backlog tool, check out this page. We also recommend reading about importing.

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