Linking a design

To embed an interactive version of your Figma design into an Avion user story, you need to generate a share link from Figma. You can do this by clicking Share — this can be found on the right at the top.

When the next screen appears, click Copy link

This link can be pasted into your user stories in Avion under the Attachments menu. Avion will recognise this as a Figma link and give you an interactive embed. This will stay up-to-date as you change your designs, as long as the link remains visible to Avion.

Linking an individual frame

If you want to link to a more granular part of your design, you can use the frame linking option in Figma. First, make sure you have a frame around the area that you want to display in your Avion user story.

Then click Share and select the option Link to selected frame

When you paste this link into a user story in Avion, you will only see the frame's content 😎

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