Restricted links

Read about how you can share your story map and stories with restricted links.


Restricted links provide a way to share individual stories with members of your Avion organization without giving them full access to the story or the story map.

Restricted links are read-only, which means people that visit the link cannot make changes to the story.

You can grab a restricted link to a story by using the Share button on the top left of the story.

You will be presented with a share screen.

Make sure that Restricted link is selected and then copy the link from the Share URL section.

By default, story map collaborators as well as org admins and above can access the link. If you check the Allow read-only access inside your organization box, all organization members will be able to access the story.

Yes. Anyone that is sent the link will need to sign in to Avion to see the link. Unlike public links, restricted links are not accessible to people outside of your Avion organization.

Is there a restricted link to the whole story map?

No, restricted links are only for individual stories.

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