Required fields

Information on how Avion handles required fields in Jira.

Avion's integration with Jira doesn't support making non-standard fields required. This is because Jira will block Avion from creating issues without being able to set these field values.

The only fields that Avion supports as required are:

  • Summary

  • Reporter

How to remedy

The best way to manage this is to make any other fields optional. The process for this depends on what type or Jira project you are running.

  • Hit the cog (top-right) → IssuesField configurations

  • Find the field in question

  • Change the field to Optional by hitting Optional.

  • Verify the change by checking that the field doesn't have Required next to the field name, but does have "Required" on the right. See below:

❌ – Wrong

✅ – Right


Aside from needing fields to be optional, Avion generally does not dictate which fields are present on issue types.

However, if you decide to sync Avion tags to Jira labels, you will need to add the labels field to the relevant issue types. Follow the instructions for mapping custom fields, with labels as the field that you add to the issue screen.

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