Aligning the team


Once youโ€™ve created your whole product backlog and release plan in Avion, the likelihood is that you will want to share this with people. Obviously, if these people are also users in your Avion organisation, you can just add them as collaborators in the story map. However, there are also sharing options available for people outside the organisation too.

You can share a link to your story map by switching on link sharing from the Share menu. This link will make the story map accessible to anyone you share it with, regardless of whether they are signed into Avion or not. For added security, you can also add a password to this link or disable link sharing at any time. Story maps with link sharing can be used in iFrame embeds in a tool like Confluence, so the wider team can also see an updated view of the story map.

Alternatively, you can also export your story map to PDF, which will generate a vector PDF version that looks crisp at any scale. This could be the perfect format to send to stakeholders and management. As well as PDF, you can also grab an image export of the story map.

If youโ€™re looking to extract data, you can either export to CSV, which will provide you with a raw data file. Or, you can use our Excel export function, which generates a fully structured Excel file that utilises sheets to neatly separate the data. Whatโ€™s more, you can re-import this Excel file back into a story map at any point. So if you need to run some data queries or make some calculations in Excel, you can always bring this analysis back into the story map.

Finally, donโ€™t forget to use the comments for team discussions around planning. When you @ someone in your Avion organisation, they will get a notification so they donโ€™t miss any required actions.

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