Project team

The project team is a set of organization members that have access to story maps in the project. Each project team member will have one of the following project roles:

Project lead

  • Can manage the project team

  • Can rename or delete the project

  • Can create and edit project story maps and set up integrations

There can be multiple project leads, but there must always be at least one.


  • Can create, edit and delete project story maps and set up integrations


  • Can view project story maps

Organization roles in projects

To make team management easier, organization admins (and above) can freely manage project teams, including inviting themselves into a project team. This can be useful both for keeping on top of people that need to have their access revoked, as well as setting up integrations on story maps.

Auto-add to project team

Avion allows you to specify projects that new organization members are automatically added to. This is defined in the organization settings and will need an organization admin to set up.

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