Workflow refers to the collection of states that a story can be in. Avion is very flexible with custom workflow configurations, allowing you to define a workflow that fits your team. Our backlog integrations also support very flexible mapping of your workflow states, meaning that you are not fixed into using the same workflow in Avion as in an integrated backlog tool.

Workflow is spread across three main categories — To do, Doing and Done. These are not configurable. However, within each category, you can add as many states as you want.

Each state category needs a minimum of one state. So the simplest workflow setup might be To do, Doing and Done (one state per category, named the same as the category).

You can customise the workflow per story map by heading to SettingsManage workflow, as shown below.

With the above workflow, the story state selector would show:

Edit workflow

You can change your workflow at any time, which includes when workflow states are mapped to a backlog integration state. Just be aware that integration state mappings are managed from the integration configuration panel.

Best practice

  • Avion is for planning, so it makes sense to outline your planning workflow in the To do and Doing state categories.

  • Some planning state examples:

    • Awaiting wireframes

    • Awaiting creative / designs

    • Awaiting legal

    • Needs content writing

    • Needs tech sign-off

    • Ready for development

    • In development

    • In user acceptance testing

    • Ready to deploy

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