A detailed look at the integrations available in Avion and how to get the most out of them.
Integrating Avion with your existing tools is a great way to get started with Avion, as it allows you to start within a context you already understand.
We break our integrations into four categories.

Backlog tools

Our backlog tool integrations allow you to sync up your Avion story maps to you existing backlog. These integrations provide some serious power and automation, but also require the most understanding to set up and maintain.
We first recommend that you check out our docs pages on backlog tools generally.
Following this, you can start to read about the tool in question more specifically.


If you want to get notified about activity in your story map, you should check out our notification integrations.

Design tools and media

If you are looking to pull your designs, wireframes and media into your Avion stories from tools like Figma or Adobe XD, you should check out our design tools and media integrations.

Embed Avion

If you want to embed your story map in tools like Confluence or Notion, look no further.
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