Work items couldn't be imported

Debugging work items that didn't import

This error is caused by the work item in question not having the correct work item type set as its parent. Avion requires the following parent types:


For Features in Azure DevOps, the required parent type must be an Epic.

User Story / Product Backlog Item / Requirement

For User Stories / PBIs / Requirements in Azure DevOps, the required parent type must be a Feature.


Azure DevOps allows very loose relationships, which don't fit the structured approach that story maps require. Avion insists on a more strict data model, ensuring that cards of a certain type always have the correct parent or child type. Visual representation of Avion's data model.

Mixed area paths

Another potential cause of this error is the fact that a work item has a parent of valid type, but the parent is located in another area path or even a different project.

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