Import using WIQL

Read about how you can import against a stored WIQL query in Avion.

If you haven't yet read our primer on importing, check it out before you read on.


Our Azure DevOps integration allow you to store a WIQL query, which Avion will use when you import data. This can be used to reduce the amount of noise in the story map, or simply to only import what is really required.

To enable WIQL for imports, head to the configuration panel and select it from under Importer options.

If you are fluent in WIQL, you might have some great ideas on how to get the most out of this already. Here are a few ideas of our own.

Filter by label

Only import issues with the label For-Avion.

[Tags] Contains 'For Avion' 

Filter by created today

Only import issues that were created today.

[System.CreatedDate] = @Today

Filter by created yesterday

Only import issues that were created yesterday.

[System.CreatedDate] = @Today - 1

Filter by created since yesterday

Only import issues that were since yesterday.

[System.CreatedDate] > @Today - 1

Filter by work items in a specific state

Only import work items with a state of For Avion.

[System.State] = 'For Avion'

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