Avion allows syncing attachments to integrated services that have available APIs to support this feature. At present, our integrations with the following services support both file and URL attachment syncing:

  • Azure DevOps

  • Jira Cloud

  • Jira Data Center

  • Trello

Due to missing APIs from GitHub and Linear, it is not currently possible for us to support syncing attachments to these services. We constantly monitor upcoming changes to APIs for our integrations and will aim to rollout support as soon as a working solution is possible.

How are my attachments synced?

Attachments are handled slightly differently to our standard bi-directional sync approach with our integrations. Due to the underlying data structure of file attachments, it's much harder to detect changes and process updates compared to typical plain-text fields. Additionally, not all services support notifying us of changes to attachments via webhooks.

As a result, Avion only supports "one-way" syncing for attachments. This means that only attachments which are first uploaded to Avion will sync across to your integrated backlog tool. Additionally, we will not import or process any attachments that are uploaded directly from your integrated service.

Jira Data Center

If you are integrated with Jira Data Center, you must ensure that file attachments are enabled on your instance beforehand. You may need a Jira Data Center administrator to help with this. We recommend you follow Atlassian's documentation to configure this correctly.

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