Permissions required

If you are receiving an access error within Avion, there are two things to try.

Enable organization access

Avion uses the highly secure OAuth protocol to authenticate and access data. As a one-off you will need to enable this on the organization level.

Navigate to Organization SettingsSecurityPolicies and enable access as seen below.

Project permissions

You will also need to authenticate with a user that has the right permissions. The permissions required is a Project Administrator. To check this, first navigate to Organization Settings.

Now find the Users page under General, find the user in the list and click Manage user:

Make sure that Access level is set to Basic and Project Administrators is selected under the project in question:

But I don't want to give these privileges...

Currently, there is no other way to achieve this in Azure DevOps. Here is an open thread about being able to add more granular control for webhooks for external consumers.

You can mitigate the security impact of handing out permissions to specific users by creating a dedicated Avion user.

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