Read about Avion's organizations.


Your Avion organization is the place where all your work is stored. You can immediately see your organization by checking the URL when you are signed in.

Set up an organization

You organization is created when you first sign up to Avion. You will need to select a name and a path. The path will make up the URL that you will use to sign in to Avion with.


The initial creator of the organization will be the Primary Owner. There is only one Primary Owner per organization. Read more about our organization roles below.


If you need to change your organization Primary Owner, please get in touch at

Invite members

Once you've created your organization, you are likely going to want to invite all your team mates into it.

pageInvite a member

Remove members

If you need to remove a member from your organization, follow this guide.

pageRemove a member


Your organization name and path should typically by your company name. In some cases, it could be your department if you work for a very large company.


Can I rename my organization path or name

If you need to change your organization path or name, please get in touch at

Can I be in multiple organizations?

Yes. Each Avion organization is a totally separate grouping, typically focused around a single business or large department. It's entirely feasible to be in multiple organizations — for instance if you are a single consultant working for different companies.

Can I use the same email across multiple organizations?

Yes. Email addresses must be unique to the organization, but not unique to Avion as a whole.

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