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Organization is not appearing in Avion

GitHub has added an additional layer of security for Organizations. You need to open up access in the Organization settings:

What Happens When I...



Update story

We will be update the issue where applicable, assuming that the story has been pushed or imported

Delete story

We will close the issue

Update release name

We will update the milestone name. Only applies to repo projects

Archive release

Nothing will happen in GitHub

Delete a release

The milestone and issues will be deleted in Github

Update story state

We will update the project card column according to what is mapped in Avion

Avoiding milestone name clashes

When synced to a repo-based project, you cannot use the same name for two Avion releases and push them, as GitHub has a clash restriction on milestone names.

Importing closed issues

Please note that we do not import closed issues or milestones. To import open issues, please ensure that there is a project card associated with the issue. To import open milestones, please ensure there is at least one issue in the milestone.

Adding a new organization

If you previously sync up Avion to GitHub, but want to add a new integration for another story map with an organization that is not getting recognised, you may need to grant privileges to Avion. You can do this by going to https://github.com/settings/applications when signed in as the user in question and granting the appropriate organization by clicking Grant:

Syncing a GitHub project to multiple Avion story maps

This is supported in Avion. It can be a useful way to visualise different user journey setups. In particular, this works well with organization projects, as you can define different release plans and compare these plans beside each other.

Where is my repo/organization in the list?

  • Ensure that you are an owner of the repo

  • Ensure that you are an admin of the repo, if the repo is owned by an organization

  • Ensure that you are an owner of the organization, if you want to sync with an organization project

  • Ensure that there is a project with columns in the repo or organization

Are GitHub's milestones supported?

Yes, but only for repo-based projects.

Can I push user stories to multiple/different repos?

Yes, but only for organization-based projects or ZenHub workspace integrations.

Labels not syncing

if you have optionally selected to sync Avion tags or releases to labels and are using the all-new project experience, labels should sync automatically, whichever tool you update them in. There is one exception. If you edit a label from the GitHub project item page, Avion will not update. This is a shortcoming with GitHub's webhooks. To avoid this data sync issue, update labels from the issue screen in GitHub, or from Avion.

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