Setting up webhooks in ZenHub

For a seamless two-way sync between Avion and ZenHub, we need you to set up webhooks. The bad news is that this is required to be added individually for each repo in your workspace. The good news is that it's super easy 🙂.

Setting up webhooks in ZenHub

1) Open your dashboard in ZenHub:
2) Ensure that you are in the correct organization then click Slack & integrations. Select Custom as the service. Then select the appropriate repository in the list and paste the Webhook URL provided in Avion.
3) Repeat this process for all your repos

What happens if I add or remove a repo from my workspace?

If you remove a repo from your workspace, you are free to delete the associated webhook to stop ZenHub sending data to Avion for that repo.
If you add a new repo to a workspace, you will need to repeat the setup outlined above for the new repo. You can find the webhook URL in the integration Configuration side panel in Avion.
Last modified 1yr ago