Card links


Card links offer a unique way to visualize your links, dependencies, blockers and duplication right on the story map. Card links can be easily toggled on and off to allow you a glance at your linking relationships between cards, without getting in the way of planning.
Add a card link to a story using the Add linked card button on a story. You can then type the name of a card on the current story map to link to, as well as select the type of link relationship. The available relationships are:
  • Links to
  • Blocks
  • Is blocked by
  • Depends on
  • Is depended on by
  • Duplicates
  • Is duplicated by
As you might have noticed from the above list of relationships, Avion tracks the direction of the link. This is denoted using an arrow on the card link.
In order to your card links drawn on the story map, you will need to toggle them on using the toggle in the toolbar, or the keyboard shortcut L.
You can add card links from stories to steps or journeys. These will display on the story like any other, but currently, we do not draw these card links on the story map as visual lines. This is due to the backbone being sticky (it sticks as you scroll vertically), which would make card link lines very annoying as you scroll.