When do you take payment for my subscription?

You are charged upfront at the start of your billing cycle for the full term of your chosen plan. The total amount is calculated based on your chosen plan's rate and any additional users that you may have on your team.

Can I add / remove users part-way through my billing cycle?

Yes. If you add a user part-way through your billing cycle, we will charge you a pro-rated amount based on the remaining time left until your subscription renewal date.

If you remove a user part-way through your billing cycle, pro-rated credits will be added to your account for the remaining unused period of your current billing cycle. These credits will then be used against the upcoming cost of your subscription renewal.

Am I billed for pending team member invitations?

No, we do not allocate additional user "seats" for pending invitations. Your subscription will not be updated, and therefore you will not accrue any additional charges, until the invited team member successfully activates their account.

Note: Pending members are only created when there is no Avion account associated with the invitee's email address. If the invited team member already has an existing Avion account, they will be added onto your team instantly.

What happens when I cancel my subscription?

If you decide to cancel your subscription, it will be marked as scheduled for cancellation. Your subscription and all access to Avion will remain active until your renewal date. After this, your subscription will be cancelled and access to your user story maps will be restricted.

Where can I see my billing history?

If you are the primary owner of a team, or a member with owner privileges, you can access all past invoices from the Plans & Billing section within Avion. Just browse to your team dashboard, and click the relevant link in the left-hand side navigation.

Are my payment and card details secure?

Yes. Avion takes data security and privacy very seriously. Your card details and payment information are encrypted and handled in a safe and secure manner, with PCI-DSS Level 1 certification, and are fully compliant with GDPR.