Free trials

We offer a free trial period for all new sign-ups to Avion.

How long is the trial period?

Our trial period lasts 14 days from the exact date and time of registration. During this time, you can use Avion completely free of charge and invite as many team members as you need.

Does the trial period have limits on certain features?

No. All features are unrestricted, so you can test all aspects of Avion (including setting up integrations) completely free of charge.

What happens after my trial period expires?

Once your trial period has expired, your team will no longer be able to use Avion until you setup a subscription. Avion has two plans which offer different billing cycles based on your needs. If you haven't finished evaluating Avion and would like some extra time, please get in touch via our help section in the app.

Will I be charged before my trial period expires?

No. In order to ensure uninterrupted access to Avion, we encourage you to select a plan during your trial period. This means you'll need to provide a payment method. However, once you do this, any remaining time left on your trial will be carried across and you will not be charged until your trial period is over.

If I don't subscribe, can I export my data?

Yes. Please contact our support team via our help section in the app to request an export of your data.