What plans do you offer?

Avion has two plans: Monthly and Annual. Both plans have exactly the same set of features but offer different prices and billing cycles depending on your needs. As the names suggest, the Monthly plan is billed once a month and the Annual plan is billed once a year.
Currently, Avion's subscription model requires one plan per team. It's useful to think of a team like an organization — it should contain all of the members that require access to Avion. Therefore, if you create two teams and invite the same member to both teams, you will be charged twice for that member (once per team).
Note: We intend to introduce an additional layer to our teams, allowing you to define logical groups of members without requiring multiple subscriptions. For now, you can use team roles to manage what your members can access.

Which plan is right for me?

If you want flexibility, the Monthly plan may be more suitable as you are only invoiced for one month's worth of usage at a time. This means you can cancel and reactivate your subscription several times throughout the year without any long-term commitments.
The Annual plan makes more sense if you need continual access all year round. If you commit to an annual subscription, the overall cost per month of the plan (and any additional users) is discounted. This means you save approximately 20% when compared to the Monthly plan for the same 12-month period.

What are additional users?

All plans come with three users included. This means you can invite two additional team members without incurring any extra charges. However, once you reach three team members, you must pay an additional fee per additional user (based on your chosen plan's rate).

Can I change my plan?

Yes, you can change your plan at any time during your subscription term. We will credit your account for any remaining unused time from your current billing cycle and, where necessary, make any additional charges against your saved payment method.

Do you offer enterprise plans?

Yes. If you have specific requirements or have large volumes of additional users, please contact our support team who can advise on a bespoke plan.