Startups, freelancers and early stage companies

Why do you offer a discount?

As a startup, we can appreciate the financial pressure that freelancers and early stage companies often feel. We've all been there. In today's world, it's not uncommon for businesses to be paying thousands of dollars per month on SaaS tools and services.
At Avion, our goal is to help teams build better products. We want to foster a culture of innovation where great teams can recognise their full potential. This means removing as many barriers to entry as possible and understanding that sometimes people just need a leg-up. You want to change the world? We're right there with you.
So, if you're a startup, freelancer or early stage company, you are likely eligible to receive a discount on our standard pricing. Below, we have listed some high-level criteria you must meet in order to qualify.

Am I eligible for the startup discount?

To qualify for our discounted startup pricing, you must sign up for a new Avion trial and also meet the following requirements.

If you're a startup or early stage company

  • You must have fewer than 10 employees
  • Less than $1m in funding
  • You must have been trading for less than two years

If you're a freelancer

  • You must have evidence that you are actively freelancing
  • You'll need to provide a link to your digital portfolio

I think I'm eligible. Now what?

Great! Go ahead and sign up for a new trial, make sure you're happy, and then get in touch through any of the contact methods listed from the in-app help section. We'll verify your details and then provide you with a discount code to use in our checkout.

Is there any difference between your plans?

Apart from the price, no. We want our plans and pricing to be as simple as possible. Therefore, all our plans come with exactly the same set of features, so you get access to all of Avion and no one misses out.