October 2018

26th October

Area Path Support

Azure DevOps give you powerful ways to split up your teams and projects. Avion now fully integrates with your area paths within Azure DevOps. You can choose to sync with a single area path, or an area path and its children 😎


  • Makes validation of username when registering clearer

  • Pre-populates an available team path based on the entered team name when registering

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes a bug where disabling sync with Azure DevOps and re-enabling caused the webhooks to go squiffy

22nd October


  • Adds a new context menu to a release! This will clean up the UI considerably and enables us to do a lot more with releases 🎉

  • Helps with permissions issues when setting up an integration with Azure DevOps

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes a bug where when re-naming a story map, you would see a flash of the previous map that you visited. Confusing! 🤷‍♀️

16th October


  • You can now close the story side panel with the escape key. Every little helps!

5th October

Story Labels

We have been wanting to add this for ages! You can now add a coloured label to a story to make things pretty and organised. You can also renames labels and manage them as you like, à la Trello. Enjoy.

Release Effort

Now you get much better visibility of the total effort in story points of a release. The release will also be marked as "done" when all the stories in the release are completed.


  • Adds a ghost (spooky 👻) outline to dragged cards, making it way easier to see what you are dragging

  • Adds the ability to delete a story map

  • Cleans up the profile page (it was called Settings, but that made no sense)

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