April 2021

23rd April

ZenHub Integration 🧘🏾‍♀️
You can now integrate your story maps with ZenHub, as well as GitHub Projects. This is going to allow a great deal of flexibility for many teams who chose to track issues in GitHub, but use ZenHub to manage the backlog and their release strategy.
The integration works in a similar fashion to our GitHub Projects integration — where a synced story in Avion maps to an item in ZenHub (which is ultimately a GitHub issue). The Avion story state maps to the ZenHub column and we also support syncing Avion sizes to ZenHub estimations.
More GitHub Release Syncing Options
Furthermore, you spoke and we listened. Many users wanted the ability to sync Avion releases to GitHub, whilst using a GitHub Organization Project board. So, to help with this, we have now added the ability to sync your Avion releases to a GitHub label. This provides a really streamlined experience for filtering and prioritising in the GitHub Projects board:
This feature can be switched on for existing GitHub integrations by heading to the Configuration panel. This is—of course—also supported for ZenHub integrations.

19th April

Bug fixes
  • Pushing to Azure DevOps is now more reliable. No more occasional duplicated epics and features!
  • Drag and drop hardened, protecting against an occasional freeze up that would occur.
  • Fixed some dodgy layout issues in email on the GMail app on iOS
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