August 2019

27th August

Introducing... Our Jira integration! πŸ™ˆ

We’re excited to announce our two-way integration with Jira Cloud β€” and it’s a huge one. We spent a lot of time talking to customers and trying to establish what the best possible integration setup could be, whilst ensuring that it is also robust and flexible.

In short, our Jira Cloud integration allows you to sync all three tiers of your story map β€” but not only that β€” you get full control of what is synced to what. Use a combination of Jira issue types, custom fields and statuses to setup an integration that will fit your team’s process perfectly.

For more information on the integration, feel free to have a peruse through our Jira Cloud documentation. We would love to hear your feedback on this one…

Custom states

In perhaps what was our most complicated release to go live yet, we're absolutely stoked to be launching support for custom states!

Like most modern product teams, you likely have a very specific development workflow, with multiple steps through which new features must be processed, often involving several different teams (design, engineering, test, etc).

We've also baked in support for our Jira, Trello, and Azure DevOps integrations. This means you can now map any of your states in your external tool to any Avion state! We've split these out into two sections: required and optional state mappings.

Going forwards, we also have plans to allow further customisation in this area, including status colours, descriptions, transition rules and more.

As always, your feedback is super important to us. Is there something we’ve missed? Let us know in our Avion Slack community, or tweet us directly @avionapp.

Cyrillic character support

You should now see much better support for Cyrillic alphabet characters within your story maps, improving the experience for many of our customers around the world.


  • Fixed a bug that allowed users to rename the Unplanned release from Trello whilst integrated

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