August 2020

18th August

Assign personas to your steps 🎭

Until now, you could only assign personas to journey or individual stories. We've now extended this so that you can assign personas to specific steps within journeys. Just open the step's context menu (by right-clicking or hitting the context menu button) and choose "Assign personas".

Improvements 🙌

  • Multi-line text clamping is now in place on stories and steps, so it's much easier to tell when the card name overflows outside the height of the card. Thanks to terricanderson for the feedback suggestion!

5th August

We've been hard at work building a way to see all of your card links at once within the context of your story map. This is a seriously cool way of visualising dependencies across your stories — it's pretty much a game changer 😎

As you can see in the example screenshot above, different types of card links have different styles along with an arrow head on one side of the link (if it's a directional relationship). Here's a quick key to showcase all the different types:

We're really excited to see this take your user story maps to the next level! Our future iterations on this feature include the ability to filter the map by specific types of relationships (e.g. so you can quickly hone in on "blocked" cards), and also custom link type definitions with your own predefined styles, etc.

Bug fixes 🐞

  • Fixed an issue where exporting very large story maps in image format (at retina scale) would fail

  • Fixed an issue where clicking on journey links in filter/search results would block scrolling (thanks for reporting Gilana👍)

  • Fixed an issue where duplicating a story map would not correctly copy across card links

  • Fixed an issue where returning to your Team dashboard and re-entering the same user story map would cause drag and drop actions to fail

  • Fixed an issue where enterprise environments would not use the correct root URL for invitations

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