December 2019

December 20th 🎄

Search and filter your story map cards 🕵️‍♂️

We've added a brand new search and filter function! For story maps with lots of cards, it can be quite hard to find a specific story. Now, with our new filters, this should make your life much easier. You can open the search and filter tool by clicking on the search icon next to the zoom controls:

We'll be enhancing this over time, with new ways to filter your cards and also adding the ability to open cards directly from your search results (as well as being able to auto-locate them!).

Azure DevOps Basic Process & Structureless! 🎅

Ho ho ho! Have we got a stocking filler for you or what?! Avion now supports the "Basic" process in Azure DevOps as well as structureless sync.

We have also followed suit from our Jira integration setup and now support "structureless" sync. This allows you sync up with ADO, without having to sync the backbone and hierarchies associated to stories. In essence, only the stories themselves will stay in sync, with journeys and steps remaining in Avion only.

Note that the "Basic" process uses the structureless sync (stories only). In the future, we will look into adding a level of hierarchy to the basic process, giving you even more options to sync the two tools :)

Bug Fixes 🐞

  • Journeys with long names were being chopped off with a "...", even when there was space to display more text. Sorry about that... Now, we use the space more efficiently so you can see as much text as possible.

  • Clicking on a link in a story description would put the card in edit mode. We've fixed this so the link opens up in a new tab! Thanks to Jacob for pointing this one out 🙏

December 9th

Jira Structureless Sync 🔗

Although our current Jira Cloud integration offers some very detailed ways to sync up your Avion stories and their structure using Jira's epics, we also wanted to offer the ability to sync up with Jira without having to commit to a hierarchy sync.

You can now setup a Jira integration with your story map that only syncs Avion Stories → Jira Stories, without using any epic linking or issue linking.

One nice added bonus about using structureless sync is that you can still use our optional custom field mappings to retain some hierarchy data from Avion. This looser form of flexibility is great for teams that prefer to create their epics and groupings inside Jira, but still want some of the hierarchy meta data that has been established for a particular story in Avion.

Improved label design on story cards 🎁

We've made labels much easier to see. The strip of colour across the top of our story cards might have looked nice, but it wasn't particularly easy to spot a red card amongst a sea of regular cards. From now on, any card with a label applied to it will also have its background changed too, so you can find the card much more easily.

As part of this, we've also introduced the concept of a "default" label, which will take the place of our former pink card. Here's a quick overview of what all our labels look like now:

Quick-assign labels to stories

We've introduced a quick-assign context menu item for labelling stories, so you can quickly categorise your cards without having to manually click into each story. Check it out:

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