February 2019

13th February

Slack Integration πŸ’¬

We all love Slack (including the Avion team), and we couldn't wait to integrate with it. Setting up an integration is simple: Integrate with Slack. And you can even configure the amount of notifications you receive:

We also have a cool video showing it in action here: https://www.avion.io/slack


  • Completely revamped the drag and drop functionality of moving user stories to better allow us to make performance gains and use keyboard shortcuts in the future

  • Added a context menu to stories after much confusion with our β€œDragtion Bar” feature!

  • Styled the page when JavaScript is switched off (thanks to @shakespeare)

19th February


  • Fixed the font weight on collapsed releases

  • Fixed a bug when context menu items were clipping

  • Tweaked the positioning of the chevron in collapsed releases to make it much more clear when a release is collapsed

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