February 2020

29th February

🤓 Improvements

  • You can now filter the entire map by personas in the search and filter panel

  • Individual story links are now copyable and shareable from the public share links (previously they were just an in-page modal window)

  • Pausing (new terminology from "disabling") integrations now works more consistently across all story map integrations

  • Better messaging when we are having issues talking to the Azure DevOps APIs, as well as when you don't have the correct permissions to talk to the APIs

  • Added the ability to re-authenticate the main user for Azure DevOps integrations. Handy if you need to switch the account over, or if an employee leaves. We will roll this out across all integrations over time 👌

11th February

🤓 Improvements

  • Our Azure DevOps integration is now more robust on big story maps where large numbers of API requests are made

  • We've tweaked the font colours inside persona descriptions, so these are now much easier to read

  • Multi-select options with long values (in the collaborators modal and story map filters) no longer wrap onto multiple lines

  • Several performance enhancements and package updates which means you should notice improved initial load times

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where context menus would partially render outside of the viewport

  • Fixed an issue where the persona description text area would sometimes overlap the "Update" button on small screen sizes

  • Fixed an issue where hitting the browser back button with a modal window open would cause a blank white screen to appear

  • Fixed an issue where symbols (and other non-ASCII) characters in the page title of private share links were aggressively encoded

  • Fixed an issue when editing journeys with long names where the blue focus outline would overlap the text

  • Fixed an issue where tooltips on personas in private share links wouldn't render correctly

  • Fixed an issue where attachments wouldn't be removed when deleting their respective stories

  • Fixed an issue when setting up a GitHub repo integration when the authenticated user has no repositories

  • Fixed an issue where an endless spinner would reveal after trying to refresh your repository list during a GitHub integration setup

  • Fixed an issue where team members (who are not admins) could sometimes see the integration settings for story maps

  • Fixed our error handling when setting up a Trello integration for empty Trello boards with no columns

  • Fixed an issue when trying to set a story map name beyond the text length limit

  • Fixed our error handling when attempting to setup an Azure DevOps integration which returned Azure projects to integrate with

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