February 2024

6th February

Introducing Roadmaps

We’re excited to present Roadmaps as the perfect companion to planning with story maps. Roadmaps will give you a more strategic view of your work and allow you to show the right content to right stakeholders at the right time. Roadmaps provides a project-level view of all your story maps and releases on a timeline view.

Existing customers

For existing Avion customers, the project roadmap will already be a powerful view of all your work. You just need to enable it by either starting a trial of Roadmaps or adding it to your plan from the Billing section.

New customers

For anyone new to Avion, you can start by planning directly in the project roadmap, by adding releases and dates. Once you’re ready to dive into the detail, head to the story map to populate your releases with work. This will all stay up-to-date with your project roadmap. We call this top-down planning.

You can also work the other way around—bottom-up. Start by planning the rough releases and features in your story maps and then check-out your shiny project roadmap, based on all your hard work.

We want to hear your feedback

We are very open to feedback on Roadmaps, so please don’t hesitate to speak to us directly in our Slack community.

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