January 2019

14th January

  • Fixed a rate limit issue with pushing large amounts of user stories to Trello. We now batch and queue this
  • Tweaked the collaborators modal UX when adding new collaborators into the story map
  • Revamped registration journey, making it easier to pick a team name and reducing the complexity of information required. Registration is now just a two-step process
  • Tweaked some poor grammar in the ratings modal (thanks to @jarrydtrokis)

20th January

  • Fixed a bug with the story description (thanks to @jacobcantele)
  • Fixed a bug where users that have tried multiple integrations would see a white screen occasionally

23rd January

  • Removed a reference to Imgur in our emails that was causing them to be marked as spam

29th January

Keyboard Shortcuts ⌨️
We have had many requests for keyboard shortcuts. We have carefully figured out what we thought would be the most powerful shortcuts in the story panel and boom — enjoy. You can toggle the keyboard shortcuts menu at any time by pressing CMD + /
It's worth noting that we intend on adding more shortcuts throughout the story map. We just need a bit more time to really figure out the best solution and UX here. We don't like how it works in other tools and want to do better :)
  • Added some useful animations on the user story panel, allowing the user to see when a story has changed
Last modified 4yr ago